In this book you can enjoy the history of both the 125-year-old New Presbytery (Újplébánia) and the Saint Stephen Parish Church sanctificated 130 years ago. It is attained through stories supported by a great number of contemporary documents.

The chapters follow a chronological order starting with the description of the era that preceded building the church. This book covers topics about how the church was furnished and equipped, about its benefice, the religious life, and also about the functioning of the presbytery. You can trace the walks of lives of the seven parish priests working here between 1885 and 2010, further more, you can learn about the chaplains, choristers and ringers. This publication contains many pictures and photos which make the articles more interesting and specific.

Many kinds of documents were being used while the articles were being created. One of the most important historical sources is the Historia Domus (Home History), which is registered continuously in the Presbytery. Besides, valuable information can be found in the old magazines, newspapers and other files from the Local Archives.

You will find a Chronology, a Bibliography, a List of Abbreviations and an Index of Persons.

Joining and co-operation of people living in Félegyháza was necessary to make this book just like to build the church long time ago. This jubilee book was the initiative of Reverend Gyula Hajagos, whose idea came to reality by the work of the article-writers and their colleagues.

We believe this local publication for the 125th anniversary of the church will be read with pleasure and many of us can profit from its values. Since the present of a town comes from its past and it will have future only if it is able to preserve its historical continuity.

We recommend this book for all of you interested in the history of our town and our church.

Szent István templom Kiskunfélegyháza

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